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Logistic operations: two day training for the staff of the Guinean Naval Company (SNG)

The company Webb Fontaine through the Single Window of Foreign Trade (GUCEG), has initiated a 2-day training for the staff of the Guinean Shipping Company (SNG). This capacity building is part of the dematerialization of port and logistics operations.

During these two days of experience sharing with the teams of the Guinean Naval Company, the experts of Webb Fontaine Guinea have exposed several innovative solutions in the port sector through the platform of the GUCEG. These include features related to the management of ship calls and manifests of conventional and bulk cargo, etc.

“We also addressed issues related to the creation of requests for ship calls; the search and consultation of trips and notices of arrival of vessels; the monitoring of trip records; the registration of manifests to customs via the GUCEG, manifest files and the creation and submission of manifests from a ship call, “said Etienne HABA, quality analyst at Webb Fontaine Guinea.

Since the establishment of the Single Window of Foreign Trade of Guinea, the company Webb Fontaine Guinea does not cease to multiply training sessions to the attention of the various actors involved in foreign trade. The objective is to allow a better understanding of the mechanisms of the whole process of digitization of operations. The latter, for the staff of the Société Navale, aims to contribute to the continued deployment of the platform of the GUCEG and capacity building within this entity.

“The training went well. I think we should encourage these initiatives that allow port actors to learn about the techniques of the new logistics platform. I thank the management of Webb Fontaine, Société Navale Guinéenne and particularly the trainer, Mr. Etienne HABA for his brilliant presentations. We leave with a very satisfactory note”. It is in these terms that Richard KEITA, Head of the Consignment and Transit Department of the Société Navale expressed himself.

As a reminder, it is in September 2019, that the Guinean State in order to facilitate, modernize and secure the operations of foreign trade, has opted for the solution of the Single Window of Foreign Trade of Guinea. This major reform project is both beneficial to Guinea and all partners involved in import-export.


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