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Webb Fontaine guinea: learning, sharing and capacity building at the company's team building event

The staff of Webb Fontaine Guinea was on retreat this weekend in the prefecture of Forécariah. The objective was to bring all the employees of the company to know each other better beyond their functions, their personalities and their cultural differences, in order to be able to federate energies and boost actions in harmony for the good functioning of the service. The initiative is from the general management of this company responsible for the implementation of the Single Window of Foreign Trade of Guinea.   

This retreat of Webb Fontaine Guinee’s staff, in charge of the implementation of the Single Window of Foreign Trade of Guinea (GUCEG) project, was held on March 18, 19 and 20, 2022 at “Maf Village”, in the prefecture of Forécariah.   

During the two days, several activities around the reflection, the culture of the organization, the individual, the emotional intelligence were held to reinforce the team spirit, the cohesion and the solidarity between the collaborators to maximize the potential of each within the company.   

“This weekend’s activity was motivated mainly by the management’s desire to solidify and strengthen the group’s bonds and to convert this group into a winning team. On a daily basis, we are caught up in activities with a very high work pace and often do not have enough time to interact with each other. This retreat allows us to share with all our colleagues, even those with whom we don’t usually work directly, to get to know each other better and to have a more personal contact in order to make the team more united so that people try to support each other”, explains Luciano Fernandez, Deputy General Manager of Webb Fontaine Guinea. 

During two (2) days, the facilitator Adama N’djol Kouyaté, Professional Coach and Business Consultant, animated several themes, notably the “Marshmallow Challenge”. This team exercise highlights the appropriate type of leadership that promotes group work through adequate mechanisms to move forward any situation within the company. “It is a way to get everyone to work on themselves, to analyze what is happening at the corporate level and to remember personal responsibility when coming to a work setting. The ideal is that the staff members get to know each other. It is also to promote team spirit to make things move forward, to be in good relationship with your collaborators, because if your team decides to boycott you, it is sure, you will not progress. So, it’s important to get everyone working in harmony,” she says.   

This retreat should also create an awareness at the management level of the importance of teamwork in order to give the staff the necessary tools to develop a leadership mentality in order to surpass themselves.   

For Fatoumata Teliwel Diallo, Communication & Marketing Manager, it was an opportunity for everyone to get to know each other better and, beyond that, to learn about each other’s potential.   

“This team-building, for me, is a mechanism for us to discover each other beyond our positions of responsibility, to learn from our particularities in order to strengthen our team, but above all, to breathe a little together to continue to build this beautiful project that is having a huge impact in our country. 

In addition, this retreat will allow everyone to discover new cultures thanks to the diversity of nationalities that exists within the company, strengthening the culture of solidarity so that people interact together to achieve their goals. 

“I find that these two days were really constructive in the sense that they allowed us to have a lot of advice regarding our personal objectives, the notion of group and team. I think it will help us to work collectively to achieve the company’s objectives. It will also allow us to work with people and know how to manage them, to be in harmony with everyone in the interest of the company”, says Ramatoulaye Traoré, assistant in change management at Webb Fontaine Guinea. 

It is on a note of satisfaction that this meeting ended at Maf Village in Maférinyah. It was of capital importance for the personnel of Webb Fontaine who intend to translate the acquired notions in the daily activities of the company and in their collaboration relationship. The General Manager, Mamoudou Diané, is very pleased with this event and promises to multiply this kind of initiative in order to reinforce the dynamism of his team. 


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